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IT technologies are developing at an incredible pace, and technology specialists are becoming more and more in demand. Taking into account the factors affecting the labor market, the Almaty College of Communications has been training professionals specializing in IT technologies for a long time, including training in the specialty "Software".

Qualification: 4S06130103 «Software Developer»

AKS trains specialists with the qualification of "Software Developer", engaged in the creation of mobile and computer applications, games and software for various devices.

Upon completion of college studies, the graduate will know the basics of programming languages:
C+, C#,

To become a qualified software development specialist, an applicant must enroll in the Almaty College of Communications for this specialty and study for 3 years and 10 months.
07140900 Software (by type)*
Duration of training: on the basis of 9 classes – 3 years 10 months

Tuition fees: 450 000 KZT

Form of training – full-time, part-time
Languages – Kazakh, Russian
state grants per year
internal grants per year

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