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Autumn Ball

Such an event could not be missed! On November 26, 2021, an autumn ball was held at the Almaty College of Communications. And he was remembered for his theme, in the style of the 80-90s.

The students proved to be creative and active personalities and were able to create a festive, relaxed atmosphere of communication. The ball was accompanied by cool numbers and mind-blowing dances.

So, let's congratulate our winners!

1st place
Zhaksykeldi Lagylzhan - Alibayev Daulet
2nd place
Abdibekov Alibi - Dauletova Guzel
3rd place
Maripov Akim - Kenesbek Alnura

Our active and creative participants:
Chavenov Miras - Meirman Zhumagul
Smakova Dana - Abilpeisov Samat

Also, we express our gratitude to the sponsors for their participation, and the prizes provided

1. Smart Education
2. LS Beauty Department
3. SILK SKIN sugaring Salon
4. Lord game hub lord.game.hub
5. Ikigai Sports Club
6. Kinoplexx cinema

Thanks to everyone who took part in the event, and see you soon!