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Master class "New technologies in telecommunications"

In Almaty College, within the framework of the program of communication with production, master class!

Communication with production is the most important activity college. In our activities we strive to be responsive to the needs of modern life and to train specialists who are needed here and now. In we strive to respond quickly to the needs of modern to live and train specialists who are needed for modern enterprises telecommunications.

On 11/24/2021, an interesting and fruitful meeting took place within the walls of the AKS staff and college students with production workers, including there were also our graduates. With their knowledge, experience, practical skills our guests-graduates shared:

1.Zheksenbiev Aldiyar Zhanibekuly, Telephony and Communication Engineer LLP Technopark "Alatau"
2. Yerzhan Serikovich Shaimuratov, Deputy General Director of LLP Technopark "Alatau"
3. Yerdenbekov Yerkin Nusilovich, Head of Almatytelecom linearly-subscriber shop "Ontustik"
4. Aldabergen Bakbergen Abd Imanatuly, LAC "Ontustik" engineer
5. Bashkulov Olzhas Khamzaevich, TOOMS engineer
6. Alexey V. Suzdaltsev, Head of the cable shop "Ontustik"
7. Pashaev Bauyrzhan Sametovich, Technical Director of BTcom LLP infocommunications»
8. Kim Yuri Ilyich, senior developer of the company's server side «Chocofamily»

The meeting was very useful, relevant, necessary.
The students showed great interest, asked a lot of questions, and they expressed a request to visit our college more often and share such interesting news in the field of telecommunications.

Teachers of AKS Sybanbayeva D.K., Glukhova N.V., Nurakhmetova Zh.S.