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Discounts and benefits

Almaty college of communication provides applicants with a wide range of social discounts and benefits for training, which makes quality education even more accessible.


Discounts can be received by applicants and students in affiliated educational institutions, children of employees, winners and participants of the AKS internal Olympiad “Connecting Challenge”, etc. The full list can be found below.

NameThe amount of the annual costNote
Discount for applicants who applied for a state grant, specifying the ACC, but did not win30% for the entire period of studyAccording to the Regulation on discounts for the 2021-22 academic year
With a preliminary semi-annual tuition fee before the due date5% for one year of studyuntil July 15 until August 25
When paying for the education of 2 children from the same family, upon presentation of documents confirming belonging to the same familyFor an already learning child5% for the entire period of study
Especially gifted applicants who are unable to pay for their studies can apply for grants from the college "Scholarships" from 25% to 100%Subject to confirmation of excellent academic performance in the first examination session (according to the Regulations on the special "Scholarships")
For staff and teachersKAU Clinic Services30%

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