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It is necessary to fill out an application form (see sample), sign and date, send a scan. applications and attach the scan. variants of all documents, then send to the mail of your faculty.
An incomplete list of documents sent is automatically canceled.

Dear students, applications for a special “Scholarships” are accepted from 23.05.2022 to 15.06.2022.


Attached documents / Required:
A certificate of payroll with an indication of deductions for the last 6 months of the prescribed form according to accounting programs (1C-Buh./salary) and/or a certificate from the State Pension Fund indicating the amount of monthly pension (allowance) (parents and adult family members);

In the absence of work – a certificate of zero income from the PSC;

Identity card, birth certificate of family members (to determine the composition of the family).

If there’s:
Certificate of disability (in the list of family members);
Pension certificate (grandparents of parents in the list of family members);
Certificate of the degree of disability of parents / Certificate of temporary disability;
Court order for the recovery of alimony;
Mother/Father’s death certificate;
Certificate of dissolution of marriage/Court decision on parents’ divorce;
Marriage certificate (student);
The certificate of a mother with many children. Awarding with the “Altyn Alka” pendant;
Marriage certificate (in case of a parent’s remarriage, infidelity. surnames);
Stepfather’s income statement;
Certificate from an orphanage, boarding school, etc.;
Refusal statement from parents;
Court decision on deprivation of parental rights (parents);
Certificate of payment of benefits for the loss of the breadwinner (parents).