Founded in 1930

Almaty college of communications

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Address: 33/1 Toraighyrova str.

Cost: 35 000 – 40 000 tenge per month

A comfortable dormitory with 840 beds, where major repairs were carried out with the introduction of modern technological processes and the use of high-quality building materials. The Students’ House has living rooms equipped with all cooking appliances, laundry rooms, computer rooms with Internet access, rest rooms equipped with electrical equipment, reading rooms, fitness room, gym, layout studio, cafeteria.

The students’ house is equipped with CCTV cameras inside and on the territory. The recording is made on each floor and is monitored by security. The building of the Students’ House and the surrounding area are guarded around the clock by the IOC Security Service.

The Student Council is constantly working in the House of Students, which participates in all leisure activities, maintains order and comfort in the rooms of students living. The IOC administration annually holds traditional contests “The best Room” with the presentation of diplomas and valuable gifts. More than once the House of Students became the winner in competitions of student dormitories of the city.