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Student's life

The Almaty College of Communication has a student self-government, whose members are directly involved in the management of the college. Student self-government is created on a voluntary basis on the initiative of persons who study at ACC. The activities of self-government bodies are aimed at improving the educational process, improving its quality, ensuring the education of spirituality and culture of students.

Student life at the Almaty College of Communication is very busy. The most popular and favorite student events in AKS: dedication to students, autumn ball, New Year celebration. Students from the first days of study feel the special atmosphere of the college, which will accompany them until graduation.

Student activists of the college

Temirlan Yerkingali

Alina Zhanserkeeva

Aibek Oralgali

Zhaniya Yespaeva

Yersin Orynbek

Akniyet Partusskyzy

Roman Kuprin

Aruzhan Nurgalikyzy

Sukhrob Matkarimov

Anvar Talipov

Yelkhan Sadygaliyev