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Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

07140900 Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

In Almaty College of Communications, the most popular and extensive specialty with a wide range of qualifications is the specialty “Radio engineering, electronics, and telecommunications”.

In this area, specialists are trained in four qualifications:
 4S07140902 Technician of telecommunication communication systems
► 4S07140906 Radio technician
 4S07140903 Wireless and mobile communication technician
 3W07140901 Electrician-adjuster of telecommunication equipment and communication channels

Specialists are engaged in the design, development, and operation of specialized electronic devices, control and measuring devices for digital transmission lines, software, and hardware for organizing digital radio communication channels.

Graduates can work in almost all spheres of human activity, namely:
 public and private telecommunications companies
 enterprises providing communication services in various fields of communication industries: radio communications, radio broadcasting, cellular communications, multiservice subscriber access
 science, education, healthcare, agriculture;
 service sector;
► management of various technologies.

Terms of training:
on the basis of 9 classes – 2 years 10 months
on the basis of 11 classes – 1 year 10 months

Tuition fees: 450 000 KZT

Form training – full-time, part-time
Languages – Kazakh, Russian


state grants per year

скидки до


discounts up to 100% on training